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Successful organizations have two primary ingredients; systems and people. The system is idea-based; featuring a product. The people are results-based. All good companies and agencies begin with their own unique idea. But the results of all good organizations will succeed or falter with the people behind the idea.  At Strata Performance, we recognize the crucial importance of engaging the right people in the right capacity. The premise is that for every individual; there is a good job-fit.   But not everyone can fit all jobs.  We provide the crucial information essential to making that match and enabling management to coach them.

Strata Performance solves people problems. We offer a simpler, all-inclusive approach that uses powerful assessment data to help organizations of all sizes effectively select, on-board, coach, and develop their team members and leaders. Available exclusively as a PXT Select™ Authorized Partner; our customizable solution gives you the freedom to unlock the value of additional reports without worrying about extra costs. Discover how one powerful tool can impact every facet of the employee lifecycle.

Investing in your most important asset. When the head of an organization is asked to identify the single most important element responsible for success; more often than not, the simple response is, "our employees."  What a wonderful and noble foundation in which to invest.  That's the way it should be.   But in reality; too often the selection and hiring process is simplified as a cost-saving measure with poorly guided interviews; misdirected scoring concepts; or mere speculation.  Replacing a bad-hire generally costs as much as 150-200% as the position normally pays.  For leadership positions, it can be as high as 400%!  Where should your investment be?

There's no such thing as a free lunch or a perfect employee.  Let's face it; nothing is perfect or free.  But isn't that what gets you up in the morning?  Your plan is to 'get it done' and eat lunch.  However, virtually nothing happens without your initiative.  Any results will be less than perfect.  Strata Performance cannot provide perfection either.  But you will be able to hire for better job-fit.  You will be able to round the edges from employees by applying insightful coaching.  You can strengthen your team, mold your culture and groom your leadership.  You can solidify your future with a strategically conceived succession plan.  You will be able to work smarter and attain superior results.  Enjoy your lunch!


“Your assets are your employees. Invest more on those performing well. Let the non-performers go.”            ~ Manoj Arora



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