Know the Candidate

It's not unusual for employers to select job candidates based on recommendations, resumes and an intense interview.  That's highly recommended.  Determined and intelligent employers want to know even more.  They value the investment they make in their selection process and it should be worth their time.  In addition, the cost of hiring someone that ultimately doesn't work out can be catastrophic if there are legal challenges and settlements.   It's known to  completely break  some organizations.  That's why  many leaders have recognized the damage that a bad employee can inflict.  They will take the steps to know the individual better before the job offer.  They  will carefully measure how well they truly fit the position first. 

The only thing more important and valuable than your employees is the leadership that  they recieve.  A leader must understand what the team needs to be successful.  It stands to reason that it is the responsibility of leadership to ensure that the team itself wants to be successful.  A  strong leader understands his team.  He coaches his team and builds into them the desire to reach higher.  And to do that, the leader must recognize what motivates her staff, what is in the mission or in the tasks that they face that is important to them.  The leader helps them discover their own strengths and desires. She knows them and can help them discover themselves.  She coaches them to be what they want to be.

Coach the Employee

True genius is in the capacity for evaluation of uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information.

                        ~Winston Churchill

Oh, the stories we could tell....

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