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We measure the applicant's cognitive skill-set to understand how he or she 'learns' and compare them with others who have been successful in a same or similar position in the past.  We also address how they may perform in a manner that would compare favorably with behavior and style that has worked well; and will they have an interest in doing what they are being asked to do. 

These are essential ingredients for job success.  It answers the questions:

  • Can they do the job?

  • How they will go about their work?

  • Will they like what they're being assigned to do?

The PXT Select suite of reports help organizations of all sizes effectively select, onboard, coach, and develop their team members. 

Bob is very knowledgeable in the management evaluation feedback environment.  His personal attention to each individual demonstrated his true interest in improving leadership skills for school personnel. 

Peter Grant, Superintendent of K-M Schools, District 204 

Bob is an experienced managerial professional with a strong desire to provide solutions. The process he follows is precise and thorough.  His follow-through, communication, integrity, and expertise make for a very comfortable and effective partnership in tackling a variety of issues.  Steve Sertich, MBFC Board Chair 


"Everyone enjoys the kind of work for which they are best suited."

                               ~Napoleon Hill



PXT Select™ makes the very human decisions about hiring simpler and smarter.

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