Strata Performance is simply the best choice for getting the advanced value and services that are needed to maximize your staffing needs and strategy.  Our applications serve small private companies as well as large international corporations. The scientifically structured assessments exceed a co-efficiency of .70 for reliability and validity. The solutions are accessed with a personalized, simple-to-use platform for application to your management needs.

Bob Ringstrom, MS President

Strata Performance brings over 30 years of experience in solving people problems globally. As founder of Strata Performance, former police chief and Marine Corps combat veteran of Vietnam; Bob Ringstrom has been a mentor, a coach, a trainer and public speaker.  He brings a range of professional experiences and personal successes; spanning from federal security and intelligence abroad to commercial real estate development in Minnesota. He has been widely recognized for outstanding service and achievements in providing screening, hiring and job-fit solutions.

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